What We Do

4 ALL Foundation has three primary functions:  

  1. Provide support so people can live well and age well in their communities.  
  2. Provide education on aging.  
  3. Provide resources to prevent adult mistreatment. 

OUR VISION is An Alabama where all people can live and age with dignity, security, and independence.  

The Center for Critical Needs

We offer help to people with critical needs that cannot be met by an existing program or service. Referrals may come from the M4A Aging & Disability Resource Center (ADRC), professionals, and the general public. The Center for Critical Needs can assist with basic life needs such as emergency food, shelter, medication assistance, medical supplies, and utility assistance if funds are available.

4 ALL would like to thank the CAWACO organization for their generous grant contribution which enabled us to identify and meet the emergency needs of several individuals across our region. CAWACO is a wonderful supporter and partner for 4 ALL and we thank you!!

The Training for Aging Center

We serve as the primary aging education and training platform for older adults, professionals, caregivers, and the general public on age-related topics. Training programs currently include Dementia Friendly Training for First Responders, Brain Health, and Elder Abuse Prevention training. 

The Center for Elder Justice & Advocacy

Our mission is to meet the elder justice needs of Alabama’s older adults through:  

  • Elder Services 
  • Public Education and Outreach 
  • Professional Training 
  • Serving as Alabama’s Elder Justice Resource Center 

The Center for Elder Justice and Advocacy is a trusted resource that seeks to  improve long-term health, social, and functional status; enhance autonomy and independence; and mitigate the risks of recurrent abuse so older individuals can safely and independently remain in their local communities as they age.